Document Type: Case Report


Department of Pathology, Pandit BD Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana, India


Long bone metastasis in cervical cancer is a rare presentation generally seen in the lumbar column or ribs. The reported rates of bone metastases are between 15%-29%. It is associated with poor prognosis. Bone scan and magnetic resonance imaging are useful techniques for diagnosis. In this case report, a 32-year old female with a previous history of cervical carcinoma FIGO stage IIIA presented with severe pain and swelling in her right humerus. X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging findings were non-conclusive and suggestive of a lytic lesion. She was diagnosed with metastatic cervical cancer according to fine needle aspiration cytology. Fine needle aspiration cytology is considered an important means to confirm clinical suspicion of local recurrence or metastasis of a known cancer without subjecting the patient to further surgical intervention. Suspicious bone lesions, especially in the patient with a past history of cancer should be promptly investigated as they can represent evidence of advanced malignant disease, thereby leading to early therapeutic intervention and decreased morbidity in such patients.