Document Type: Case Report


1 Medical Student, Islamic University of Gaza Medical School, Gaza, Palestine

2 Neurosurgical Department, Shifaa Hospital, Gaza, Palestine

3 Pathological Department, Shifaa Hospital, Gaza, Palestine


Primary malignant sarcomas of the spine are not among common types of primary bone sarcomas. There are only few cases reported on the literature about this tumor. Ewing sarcoma occurring in the spine is divided into two types: 1) sacral spine Ewing sarcoma, which is very aggressive with poor prognosis and 2) non-sacral spine Ewing sarcoma, which is an extremely rare occurrence. The patient may present neurological deficit when the tumor extends into the spinal canal causing spinal cord compression; however, a sudden progressive paraplegia also is very rare. Here, we report a case of 8 years girl with sudden weakness and tingling in both lower limbs, inability to walk, progressive neck and upper dorsal pain, and urinary retention problem. Spinal MRI shows extradural mass from T2 to C7 with severe spinal cord compression. Urgent decompressive laminectomy and GTR of the lesion was done with excellent postoperative outcome