MDM2, E-cadherin, Survivin and Her2 mRNA Status in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Breast Cancer

Bahareh Owrangi, Mojtaba Habibagahi, Ahmad Hosseini, Negin Fazelzadeh Haghighi, Mohsen Mardani, Abdolrasoul Talei, Abbas Ghaderi, Mansooreh Jaberipour


Background: MDM2, E-cadherin, survivin and Her2 genes are involved in the regulation of normal cell growth. However, any crucial change in their expression levels can convert a normal cell into a cancer cell. Numerous studies have identified alterations of these gene expression levels in various cancers, particularly in breast cancer. Thus, they may be used as diagnostic biomarkers. In this experiment, we aim to evaluate these gene transcripts in patients’ peripheral blood and compare the results with healthy individuals.

Methods: RNA was extracted from peripheral blood cells of 52 breast cancer patients and 52 healthy volunteers. Then, cDNA was synthesized and assessed for MDM2, E-cadherin, and survivin and Her2 gene transcriptions in peripheral blood samples by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction.

Results: There were no considerable differences in the expression of MDM2, E- cadherin, survivin and Her2 in cancer patients compared to healthy individuals. However, there were significantly correlation between E-cadherin, survivin and Her2 expression and some of the clinicopathological characteristics of patients studied. Also, survivin transcripts expression was positively correlated with Her2, E-cadherin, and MDM2 gene expressions.

Conclusion: These results indicated no variations in MDM2, E-cadherin, Her2 and survivin gene expressions in patients compared to controls. We might not consider the examined biomarkers as valuable prognosis factors in primary breast cancer. However, additional research should be undertaken to assess these four genes in a larger sample size.

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eISSN: 2008-6687           pISSN: 2008-6709